AquaGreen, timeless journey…

Each product is a journey… a journey from the past to the present. A journey to distant lands. It’s like a mysterious alchemy that turns what Mother Nature gives us into something truly special and meaningful for this life.

In 1650, the oldest artificial house for fish was recorded. At that time people began to use very large bamboo structures to encourage marine fish reproduction. The Japanese have used this method popularly since the 18th century.

Journey is timeless…

Over the centuries, the natural environment has changed and Science – Technology – Technology has also developed, the super clean aquaculture no longer has to depend on nature.
At AquaGreen, with the inheritance and development of domestic and international scientific and technological achievements, it has been successfully applied to create the most optimal simulated aquatic environment suitable for super-clean and nutrient-rich aquaculture. according to human desires.

That’s how AquaGreen is evolving …

Vietnam is located in the middle of the most vibrant economic region in Asia

Today the more social development, the more important demand for clean food is ever. With a population of over 7,7 billion people on Earth, but the number of people using clean food is very small. According to the current population growth rate, by the year 2050 the population will reach nearly 10 billion people, the consumption of high quality food will increase many times.

World population growth figures (Data source: Worldometers; Reuters)

In the world, the water surface area is very large (sea surface, river, lake …) but a lot of area is polluted (domestic and industrial wastewater, from farming activities use too much antibiotics …). In particular, the poisoning situation of “Lead, mercury, heavy metals” in seafood is at an alarming level. Therefore, seafood in those polluted waters will no longer be safe for the health of users, which is the main cause of dangerous diseases such as cancer and affecting human genetic resources.

Molecular biotechnology applied in the project

Nanotechnology applied in the project

At AquaGreen, GreenLab Center scientists have successfully applied scientific achievements with AtomOxy technology in aquatic projects: freshwater, saltwater and brackish water.
AquaGreen super clean aquaculture system applies AtomOxy 4.1 technology which is the most advanced technology in the field of seafood today. By applying molecular biotechnology, nanotechnology, IoT technology… will create and control simulated environments in aquaculture on demand and high quality.

With the mission of AquaGreen to bring safe seafood to the community

Efficiency of AtomOxy 4.1 technology in AquaGreen project:

– High quality, safe, nutritious…
– Do not use growth stimulants.
– Do not use antibiotics.
   + Increased stocking density (Compared to current technology)
   + Reduced growth time (Compared to current technology)
– Can raise some aquatic species: Fresh water, salt water, brackish water.
– Almost complete control over environmental factors.
– During the rearing process, it is possible to increase the value and nutritional content by technological methods.
– Automation by IoT technology in many steps: Water, food…
– Applicable to models: Artificial tank, natural farming, semi-natural.

  • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBCNSrehRro

GreenLab Center technical team

Our GreenLab Center technical team are professors, doctors, engineers with many years of experience in researching and working at home and abroad with many effective applications in life. Since then, we are confident that products from AquaGreen are always of the best quality with the highest nutritional content in line with international standards.

In which, using high technology to always meet international standards for seafood and food: GLOBALG.A.P, ASC, BAP, HACCP, Naturland… Above all, we are with a mission to provide the community with a source of safe and high quality food.

On that basis, it aims to build a whole chain of production processes with the following criteria:
– Compliance with the law.
– Preserve the natural environment and biodiversity.
– Maintain the environment, protect water resources.
– Conserve the diversity of species and natural populations.
– Responsible use of food and other resources.
– Animal health (Do not use unnecessary antibiotics and chemicals)
– Ensuring social security for direct and indirect employees.
– Socially responsible.

Seafood products from AquaGreen system are not only consumed domestically but also are exported to high-end markets: Japan, Europe, the United States, UK, Taiwan, Canada, China… when Vietnam has signed Free Trade Agreements: VJEPA, EVFTA, CPTPP, VKFTA, UKVFTA, ACFTA, AFTA…

AquaGreen’s cod fish at the restaurant

Please cherish every meal in the family because it is the cradle that nourishes each person’s soul!