Mission to enhance the value of Vietnamese agricultural products through the application of high technology in production, processing and product traceability through specific projects.

According to the United Nations report, the world population will gradually increase to 8.5 billion by 2030, to 9.7 billion by 2050 and 10.6 billion by 2100. That is why the demand for real products, healthcare, real estate worldwide will increase very high and towards high quality. Therefore, opportunities in agricultural production, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, beauty and health care and real estate will also increase.

Chart of world population growth (Source: Worldometers; Reuters)

What if the food you eat every day with your family and loved ones is not really safe and worth the money! Or your favorite foods and drinks are no longer available.

It may sound far-fetched, but in reality, more and more substandard products are being sold on the market without quality control. There are many reasons, but the deep roots of the business ethics of production facilities have been overlooked. It has a profound impact on consumer confidence and is gradually narrowing the production activities of manufacturing facilities that always put business ethics and consumer health above short-term profits. .

A simple example is the beef product in every bowl of pho you eat every day at restaurants. Can you believe what type of beef they are using? While domestic safe beef only meets 20%, every day, a lot of beef used to stimulate growth is smuggled into Vietnam, or poor quality beef is imported thousands of tons through the road. Frozen.

Another example of a popular beverage is coffee, the area of old coffee land appearing in the Central Highlands provinces causes productivity to decrease by up to 50%, negatively affecting the output and quality of coffee beans. domestic and export coffee. That future is completely possible!

Launched in 2015, the GreenCoop Agri Plan program is coordinated by GREENCOOP FEDERATION with scientific experts from the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS), Institute of Animal Husbandry (NIAS), Institute of Medicinal Materials (NIMM), Institute of Industrial Science and Technology. Food Industry (FIRI) … was born with the mission of making Vietnam’s high-quality agricultural and culinary products transparent, increasing their value internationally and contributing to helping agricultural producers feel secure in their production. the best quality products. Contribute to developing a prosperous community through non-profit programs: GreenEdu (Education); GreenFarmer (Supporting farmers); GreenCycle (Circular Agriculture); GreenZero (Reduce greenhouse gas emissions).

The GREENCOOP AGRI PLAN program is a typical example of GREENCOOP’s commitment to improving the quality of life with specific culinary projects:

1. HANOI ANCIENT “BUN CHA XUA DI SAN” SYSTEM: The rich flavor of grilled meat of Bun Cha Xua is carefully marinated and preserved as a family heirloom from Hanoi’s Old Quarter (Hang Than Street), with a hint of strangely seductive charcoal scent. , served with vermicelli noodles and many fresh raw vegetables and delicious sweet and sour dipping sauce. All are tied together to create an excellent harmonious whole, making it impossible for people to forget just once they taste it.

2. HANOI BEEF “PHO DI SAN “SYSTEM: GreenCoop Food’s beef pho is a combination of traditional broth from the 1950s, slow-braised from quality beef bones that we raise according to the process transferred from the Institute of Animal Husbandry: In which, we only select the cow breed based on origin (Japanese Wagyu Beef, Dong Van Vang Beef, Senepol Beef) to ensure delicious, nutritious and safe meat quality. The livestock production process at farms along the value chain is carefully cared for and regularly monitored by GreenCoop Agri Plan experts. “Cows are raised and slaughtered humanely according to the 4F process, applying cool meat technology with Japanese standard machinery” to maintain the best nutrition and meat quality. This is something that no other food chain has been able to do in Vietnam.

3. “TAM GIAC MACH” BEER SYSTEM: Partners participate in the value chain of Tam Giac Mach in Dong Van district, Ha Giang. With modern production machinery, high-quality products and synchronous accommodation services.