First words, we would like to send our customers wishes for health, happiness and success!
GreenCoop Vietnam Federation (GCV) is a collection of companies and cooperatives linked into a closed production chain and ecosystem. We are always pioneering in cooperation with domestic and international organizations and individuals. With the goal of building a prosperous community, collective development, high quality products, lasting development and social responsibility. With core values:
We operate in the following fields:
  • Development of a circular agricultural economy.
  • Food & Beverage
  • Post-harvest processing of agricultural products.
  • Green technology
  • Education
  • Herbs and health
  • High-tech seafood
  • Commercial development.

At GreenCoop Federation a senior team of professors, doctors… graduated and worked in: USA (Georgetown University); Japan (Mitsubishi Corp); Bulgaria (Marxist-Sofia – Bulgaria University of Economics); UK (University of Bradford School of Management); Korea (Keimyung University); France…. Together with a team of engineers with many years of experience, we are always full of enthusiasm and desire to contribute to creating a team of lasting success. Since then, it contributes to the overall development of the country and the development of a better community.

Today, in a flat world, a digital era, it is more convenient for investment cooperation and trade exchange between countries. Especially when Vietnam has signed many free trade agreements with many countries and international organizations: VJEPA; EVFTA; CPTPP; VKFTA; AFTA; EAEU, ACFTA; UKVFTA…

Besides, the strategic cooperation relationship with many countries: Japan, Korea, Russia, Europe, USA, UK, Taiwan, Canada; China…will be favorable for domestic enterprises to strive to develop and want to reach out to the world. In particular, GreenCoop wishes to contribute to the development of the community and a better country.


1979-1988: Started as a doctoral thesis with a perfect score at the best School of Economics in Bulgaria on “Ensuring health and safety for people, livestock and the surrounding environment in the development of agriculture without using chemicals – Green agriculture, circular agriculture” and was effectively applied in Japan in 1988.

1994: The application of a number of agricultural models to Vietnam with the companionship of a number of Japanese experts has brought about effective results.

2004: Applying microbial organic fertilizer to develop the first hot pepper growing area for export to Korea.

2005: Forming and developing a model of raising reproductive and high-quality beef cattle: Hai Son – Nhu Thanh – Thanh Hoa project.

2014-2016: Project on raising cows in Ngoc Lac – Thanh Hoa; Project on raising beef cattle and breeding in Phuc Tho – Hanoi. Project on raising beef cattle and breeding in Mong Cai – Quang Ninh.

2019: Forming high-quality livestock projects (Senepol beef, Japanese Wagyu beef) under the GreenCoop Agri brand, aiming for uniformity in model and product quality with the aim of exporting product value.

2021: Develop with local agriculture the golden cow breed on the Dong Van stone plateau. This is a breed of cattle that scientists have evaluated for its rare genetic makeup after Japanese KOBE cattle (Wagyu cattle raised in the Kobe region of Japan) and Korean HANWOO cattle. Cow breeds are being preserved by the State and export of breeds is prohibited. Thereby contributing to the State preserving and developing the value of cow breeds with high quality meat.

2022: Successfully launched Japanese Wagyu beef products to customers, especially some high-end restaurants. The success of Wagyu beef products with unique characteristics that can not be found anywhere else: Cows eat spirulina, medicinal herbs… as an affirmation of the premium quality of GreenCoop’s Wagyu beef products.

April 2023: Expanding the project of raising high-quality cows under the brand name GreenCoop Agri in Bac Ninh.

September 2, 2023: Inauguration of the Tam Giac Mach Beer production area (DOBECO) at the Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark. The place is considered by experts from Fermentis Group, PureMalt to be one of the best climates to produce premium beer products, equivalent to world-famous beer and wine regions.

September 2023: Applying advanced hydrolysis technology to livestock projects and members of GreenCoop Agri Plan to have high quality products. The project then registered to participate in the Vietnam Creative Science Award (VIFOTEC) and won the award in 2023.

October 2023: Developing a product value chain project from buckwheat in Ha Giang province to have high quality products and services.

December 2023: The second private kindergarten “Little Opera School” with an area of 3,800 square meters will go into operation in Ha Dong military area, Hanoi city.

February 2024: Be the first unit in Vietnam to develop a pilot project to grow barley and barley in Ha Giang province to serve the production and deep processing of high-end products in Vietnam. Besides, creating jobs and purchasing products for highland people thanks to participating in the GreenCoop Agri Plan value chain.

Throughout the process of formation and development of GreenCoop Vietnam Federation, we have always been consistent with the vision, mission and values created to prosper with the country.

Vietnam is convenient when it is located in the middle of the most vibrant region in Asia