Project of raising high quality Japanese Wagyu cows


With the companionship of experts in cultivation, husbandry, nutrition… GreenCoop’s Wagyu cows after 3-4 years of development are highly appreciated for their meat quality, high nutritional content, and high content. monounsaturated fats, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Rich in essential amino acids, Omega fatty acids, B vitamins and iron. Omega fatty acids with amazing effects on the body are found in olive oil, salmon, almonds and Wagyu beef.

Besides, in meat, the cholesterol content is reduced compared to other conventional farming. Grease veins and fat percentage are evenly interwoven. With the habit of eating low-fat meat, in the diet of cows at GreenCoop farms, spirulina and herbs are added, so the taste is delicious, soft, but also nutritious, good for health with a low fat ratio. reduced to fit a high-quality diet.

The Wagyu beef breed selected for meat must be carefully selected by experts to obtain the best nutritional value and a wide range of meats of the highest quality.

Each GreenCoop Wagyu cow is fed a nutritious diet: Forage, starch, spirulina, herbs… Besides, the cows can listen to music, bathe, sunbathe and play in the garden. meadow…

In order to get high quality value, it must be at least 36-48 months with welfare cows to be slaughtered. Beef is slaughtered humanely with high technology according to the cool meat process to ensure the best meat quality before reaching consumers.

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